speaking2Keeping the attention of a group of people takes talent. Marsha doesn't need a script or teleprompter to deliver her message on The Power of Publicity, she's been living it – every day for over 23 years. She is an undeniable expert in the Public Relations Industry and has given the power to Celebritize Yourself to thousands. She has written the book on getting yourself in the news, not just in the segments between the headlines.

It is clearly evident that in the PR game, Marsha Friedman not only knows the score, but can make the score count.

Her unique and engaging presentation can show your audience how to stand above the competition by becoming an expert celebrity. how to effectively gain access to the media, tips for giving a great interview, and the real ROI of PR.

She will share her 3 step method for celebritizing yourself, which has gotten rave reviews from top marketing guru’s such as David Meerman Scott and Al Ries. There is no better way to learn how to harness the Power of Publicity than spending an afternoon or evening with the one person who has not only changed the game, but has rewritten the rules.

Marsha has been featured at many events in the US and Canada including:

  • 2016 MDRT - Vancouver
  • 2016 IMC USA Conference
  • The Working Women of Tampa Bay
  • 2013 Small Business Convention
  • Live Your Legacy Summit
  • Women in Biz Network
  • Northwest Book Fest
  • The Working Women of Florida
  • Advantage Media's Author Summit
  • Power Marketing Mania Boot Camp
  • 2014 Small Business Expo - Miami

Click Here to View Marsha's Celebritize Yourself presentation in Toronto.

For more information about having Marsha Friedman appear at your event, contact Will Candler at 727-443-7115 x211 or info AT emsiPublicRelations.com.

What People Are Saying

"Congratulations on an outstanding performance!

Thank you for your part in making the 2016 MDRT Annual Meeting a memorable experience for all who attended.

We greatly appreciate all the hard work and preparation that went into creating your presentation, which greatly enhanced our program and contributed to our success in Vancouver."
- Stephen P Stahr, CEO, Million Dollar Roundtable

"Thank you for making the 2016 IMC USA Conference the highest rated conference in the history of the organization. Overall you helped the conference receive a 100% satisfaction rating (84% would highly recommend) and a speaker rating of 4.5 out of 5. Your session was one of the three of fourteen to receive a perfect score, 5 out of 5. Thanks again for contributing to our mutual success."
- Henry DeVries, CEO, Indie Books International LLC

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation yesterday. We had nothing but positive feedback from our audience. As a bonus, you gave some very actionable tips as well."
- Kamlesh C Darji, President of Indo-US Chamber of Commerce

"Without the wisdom and support of you as a presenter we could not have created this fabulous day for our attendees. It is through your generosity of time and talent that we have been able to bring outstanding value to our audience! Thank you for all that you do!"
- Suzanne Caplan, Founder of Women Etcetera

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation! It was very well presented and very thorough, so thank you!"
- Laura Jacques, Editorial Manager, ExecSense Webinars

"Marsha’s workshop was the “crossover” hit of the conference, attracting franchisees from all our sister-brands as well. Her performance was spot-on perfect, and a great highlight for day 2 of the event. The comments afterwards were universally complimentary, even glowing, about your presentation."
- Chip Reeves, National Director, Computer Troubleshooters

"Thank you for being such a fabulous guest tonight! I’m thrilled with the information you shared, and I’ve already gotten some great feedback from listeners. I appreciate your time and energy–very inspiring!"
- Shelley Lieber, The Wordy Woman, Author of 4Ps to Publishing Success

"I have always thought PR was a total waste of time and money. After Marsha’s speech I not only learned the value of publicity, but also that I could put it to work for my company almost immediately and get results while saving my money."
- John Smith, ICOP Academy

"My company has spent millions of dollars on advertising over the years, and Marsha has showed me a new way to spend my marketing budget wisely. She has not only inspired a new direction, she has given my company a new lease on life."
- Steve Logan, Founder, Green and Simple