CEO – EMSI Public Relations

EMSI Logo GoldFrom the beginning, Marsha set out to make her company different. Rather than charging retainer fees with no promise of specific results — the approach used by thousands of competitors — she decided to craft a pay-for-performance model: EMSI would charge only for the media it was able to deliver. At the time, Marsha was one of less than a handful of PR professionals attempting this customer-friendly fee structure.

Today, Marsha is considered a national pioneer in pay for performance PR, a model other firms have since tried to replicate.

And that’s not the only divergent approach Marsha took. While other PR agencies assigned clients to an individual account representative, she gave EMSI clients the benefit of a team of media professionals who work on their behalf. Each of them specializes in one or more media. As a former national talk show host herself, Marsha’s love is radio. Her Vice President of Media Operations is a former local and national radio host and executive producer. EMSI’s Radio Campaign Manager was a DJ and talk show host; the TV Campaign Manager worked as an on-air personality and an executive producer; the Creative Director/Writer is a former editor and reporter with 30 years at two major daily papers; and EMSI’s second writer is a former daily newspaper reporter and columnist.

The team creates timely, topical talk show segments and news stories tailored to the idiosyncrasies of each medium. No boring press releases! Clients are positioned as experts who can speak to a topic that’s in the news, or who have advice that can help viewers, listeners or readers solve a problem. Media are provided an interview segment already “produced” on paper, or a feature news story that can publish as it’s written. Marsha’s strategy: Provide the media with quality content that requires no effort on their part, and they will use it.

It works! Thanks to Marsha’s innovative approach, EMSI has become a trusted resource for journalists and show hosts across the country. When they need an expert, they turn to the company with a record of professionalism and reliability.


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